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About Audials

Audials 2022 is the most recent version of one of the best-designed multimedia streaming applications for Windows. Users may lawfully record, manage, and even share digital assets such as music, movies, and live TV broadcasts with the program.

The Audials One has made finding, storing, and managing many types of digital material risk-free and straightforward.

Audials focuses on building and delivering user-friendly products at affordable pricing as a significant provider of Windows software solutions for lawful consumption, administration, and digital media distribution.

What's New in this Version?

Audials act just like a browser, letting you seek movies and episodes on any video streaming provider and then view them while they're being recorded. To save the entire film, choose "Record from the beginning."

You may also record the video in the background, allowing you to utilize other features while the video is being shot.

This applies to any video-streaming service! Choose and save a video. This results in recordings of unrivalled high quality and doubles the speed.


Audial One: The Audial One 2022 is a fantastic media storing and playback device that will likely become your entertainment hub. The recording browser and editor have been revamped in this version. On top of that, there's a strong subtitle search engine and an audio stream recording device.

Audials One isn't only about streaming services; it also lets you download tunes as they're broadcast on hundreds of internet radio stations, reviving the time-honoured habit of capturing your favourite songs from the radio.

Audials One can not only get material from any streaming service you've enrolled in, but it also allows you to view whole playlists without advertisements.


  • A new browser recorder has been released.
  • A video editor that is easy to use and precise.
  • Search engines for subtitles
  • Recording and downloading music streams
  • Excellent music supervision. The new music main screen shows artists, genres, and top charts.

Audial Music 2022: Your music is available for download online! You may record music from websites and fee-based services using streaming. Music may be downloaded from websites and subscription services using the Audials recorder. As a result, you may create MP3 recordings and listen to them in your media library.


  • Music may be found and downloaded via streaming services.
  • Music from streaming services may be recorded.
  • Importation and exportation Playlists on Spotify and YouTube
  • Make your own musical genres.
  • Organize your music library.
  • Convert audio files

Audial Movie: Audials is a web browser that allows you to search for movies and series from any video streaming provider and quickly play them back, enabling you to see the film as it is being recorded.


  • Movies to record, and a series of streaming services
  • Plan your movie recording in the video stream using this recording planner.
  • Live-streamed television is recorded.
  • Organize your movie library.
  • Convert video files

Audial Radio: Audials Radio provides you with the most radio stations and genres, but you can only record your favorite songs in up to 320 kbps. The Styles feature allows you to maintain several favorite lists.


  • Music may be found and downloaded via Internet radio stations.
  • Record a radio station with song separation that is done automatically.
  • Podcasts may be downloaded.
  • Make your own musical genres.
  • Organize your music library.
  • Convert audio files


Plans and Pricing

You may always get the newest versions and generations for PC and devices with a 63 per cent discount if you subscribe to Audials Gold.

It's 100% risk-free and may be stopped at any moment.

The cost of an auditory movie, music, or radio will be $29 apiece. Audials One 2022, on the other hand, costs $59.

They provide attractive upgrade offers to consumers of prior editions.

We are running an active Audials discount code for up to 63% off on most products.

Audials' benefits and drawbacks


  • Performance is faster than in prior iterations.
  • All major streaming providers are supported.
  • Spotify compatibility has been enhanced.


  • Some data visualizations are out of the ordinary.

Is it a good idea to purchase Audials Music?

The answer is a loud 'Yes' if you employ audio conversion technology on a regular basis. Audials music has the most extensive feature set of any audio program we've tested, as well as the finest streamed-content recorder.

The user interface takes some getting used to, but that's to be expected given the number of capabilities offered.

FAQs for Audials

⭐️ Is there any promotions from Audials?

Yes, get up to $50 off on all top-selling plans using the Audials coupon code. (audials gutscheincode)

⭐️ Is there any free license available?

You have to purchase a full license to access all the features.

⭐️ What is the location of Audials' file storage?

Audials store new songs in an album-specific folder. This folder is located inside a folder designated by the artist, which is found within a genre folder.

⭐️ Is it possible to buy Audials just once?

You can only install a single product edition at a moment on your PC. When you install a newer version over an old one, it will overrun it.

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