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About Antamedia Hotel WiFi

Antamedia is an independently owned firm (since 2001) that has helped SMEs and now MNCs and agencies throughout the globe reap the advantages of specialized enterprise applications.

We're happy to still provide the same high level of individualized service to even our biggest corporate customers while having our roots in assisting solo entrepreneurs in realizing their goals of company ownership.

Whether you need a solution for a large hotel network, a medium-sized hospital, or a small internet cafe, we can help.

All our products are fully functional and can consolidate for large-scale use across several locations and countries using the same intuitive user interface. In this way, you may save money by avoiding paying for employee training, constantly updating, and dealing with compliance concerns.

Manage Your Hotel's WiFi Connection

These days, guests at a hotel have come to expect nothing less than top-notch WiFi service. Upgrade your hotel's WiFi to raise visitor happiness, boost reviews, and increase revenue.

Guests of a hotel demand nothing less than a top-notch WiFi solution. Providing visitors with a speedy and dependable WiFi network that offers seamless wireless coverage across the whole building is just the beginning.

Antamedia Hotel WiFi solution lets you boost your WiFi and visitor happiness. Develop a paid or free hotel WiFi service, connect it to the hotel management system so visitors can check in using their room number and name, send them personalized ads, take their feedback through surveys, and learn how to boost guest happiness.

Simple Management of the Hotel's WiFi

When you implement the Antamedia Hotel WiFi solution, you'll be able to provide free or paid Internet access to guests in your hotel while also effectively managing and controlling the service.

  • Quickly create profiles for users or tickets with discount codes
  • Include PMS interface for charging guest room
  • Access is free but has daily download, use, and data quotas
  • Splash page improvements: include numerous login options
  • Insist on a signed agreement to the terms of service before beginning any session.

FAQs for Antamedia Hotel WiFi

How much does Hola VPN cost right now?

In certain cases, customers might get savings of 20%

Where can I find instructions on connecting to the free WiFi at the antamedia Hotel?

There is no client software to install in order to use Antamedia HotSpot. With this method, a captive portal appears in the user's browser, prompting them to log in.

How can I redeem my Antamedia Hotel WiFi, and when can I use it?

Simply click the link to open a new window where you can enter the code to get your discount.


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