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About Antamedia Bandwidth Manager

The Antamedia Bandwidth Manager program operates as a doorway to the Web, regulating download and upload speeds for all computers on the network.

There is no longer a requirement to adopt new technology on each computer to manage broadband use, prioritize certain users, create filters, or prohibit access to inappropriate websites.

Bandwidth Manager is great for blocking inappropriate content or limiting students to potentially harmful files.


Quick and easy setup

Some prerequisites must be met to get this application up and operating smoothly and quickly. Installing Antamedia Bandwidth Manager and Antamedia Database Server are separate but necessary steps.

After both installations, a system restart requires all elements to start and the software to be usable.

Easily navigated, tabbed layout

After logging in, Antamedia Bandwidth Manager's layout will astonish new users. Monitoring connections, system users, and other metrics are simplified because each feature has its dedicated module and page.

Extensive tracking and detailed notes

The program provides a wealth of information for every person in the database, and each link analyzes. When choosing a connection, for instance, in addition to the IP and MAC addresses, you can also see the number of downloads and uploads, the maximum allowed duration, and the current idle time of the connection.

Autologin experiences are helpful for anonymous people, but you may limit their file transfers, online time, daily consumption, and much more by setting appropriate permissions.

Antamedia Bandwidth Manager extensively logs events, activities, URLs, connectivity, and consumption data.

A comprehensive range of functionalities within most users' reach

Therefore, it is fair to claim that managers and system administrators get a robust method of regulating network-wide bandwidth utilization with this program.

Antamedia Bandwidth Manager is among the most significant applications of its type because of the ease with which one can configure it and the pleasantness of its user interface.

FAQs for Antamedia Bandwidth Manager

In what ways do you hope to spend this particular second?

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How do you define a tool for managing bandwidth?

The combination of computer programs, hardware components, and information technology methods used to monitor and manage a company's network's total bandwidth use.

Antamedia Bandwidth Manager, have you discounted it at all?

Up to 20% off the list price may be available to specific customers.

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