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About AmoyShare

AmoyShare is a creative firm that focuses on producing online applications, physical items, and life experiences. It is built with the participation of young people who have innovative thoughts and a great interest in making life more comfortable.

AmoyShare provides its users with a selection of utilities that may be used to encode, enhance, and multimedia footage. Find the very finest video editing software, screen recording software, and video conversion software.

Popular Items by AmoyShare

Video Editor

AmoyShare is the easiest-to-use video editing software available today. It is simple, there is no cost, and there is no watermark. Give it a go and start recording a clip right away!

This user-friendly video editor is a freeware to use and features a wide variety of changes, filters, and transformations. Utilize it to produce a gorgeous video that is completely watermark-free.

The Functions of the Video Editor

Simple, Free, and Without a Watermark

OsCut Video Editor simplifies both the process of editing videos and creating new videos. Submit a video. After that, you may improve the quality of the video using tools such as a trimmer, divider, merging, transitioning, and other effects.

As soon as you are comfortable with the outcome, export it as quickly as possible. You are able to save the edited video without a watermark using this user-friendly and totally free movie editor.

Different kinds of special effects

Providing your films with a distinct look is not difficult at all. The OsCut editing program offers both fundamental and advanced visual effects to choose from.

You have whatever you need to build a high-budget movie herein, from storyboard, mask, and sketch to first-rate color grading and complex chromakey, among other things.

With the help of this hassle-free video editing application, you may express your full creative potential.

The Finest Video Editor Compatible with Windows

The user experience of OsCut Video Editor is uncomplicated and basic, making it simple to use. It provides a comprehensive collection of video editing software that is compatible with Windows 7/8/10/11.

You may cut, rotate, split, combine, and add music, text, effects, and animations before posting to TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook. Because of this, several people believe that it is the greatest video editing program available for Windows.

Video Converter

The AmoyShare BeeConverter is a potent piece of video conversion software available for both PC and Mac. It can transcode videos to any codec at a pace that is sixty times quicker than other programs.

AmoyShare Video Converter is capable of converting videos to a wide variety of formats in a seamless manner, including HD and even 4K quality. At the very same time, there is an abundance of content in the desired codecs, such as MOV, FLV, MP4, AAC, WMA, and MP3, amongst others. 

Video Conversion Tool Functions and Features

60 Times Quicker Rate of Conversion

You will be able to enjoy lightning-fast translation speed thanks to the cutting-edge accelerating technologies that are built-in.

Although BeeConverter allows you to transfer videos at a pace that is sixty times quicker than its competitors, the issue of sluggish translation of huge files virtually ever arises.

Advanced Settings for Exporting

The exporting configuration that comes with BeeConverter accommodates almost every file and gadget. By making use of this function, you will have a much simpler time selecting the movie of the required resolution in the formats of your choice.

After the initial configuration, it stores your choices until the second configuration.

Make a Hilarious Meme in a Matter of Seconds

Using BeeConverter to create amusing memes is quick and simple. You don't have to spend hours creating memes since you can immediately convert film to GIF from social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and the procedure just takes a few moments to complete. This eliminates the requirement.

Cut & Combine Footage Rapidly

The built-in video trimmer and multimedia acquisition of BeeConverter could indeed assist you to try to cut video content in an easy way, and it empowers you to meld all film clips into as quickly as a blink, regardless of how big the documents are.

Users can download a massive, high-quality video publisher is not necessary because BeeConverter has these features already included.

Screen Recorder

Freeware and without any watermarks, this display recorder allows you to record any action on your computer's display as well as the sound. Capture films, sports, classes, etc.

This piece of free freeware that records your display comes in useful. You have the ability to alter the refresh rate, modify the digital communication, choose the video quality from Uncompressed audio, Best, Excellent, Medium, Poor, and Worst, and export the videos in a variety of different codecs.

In addition, this program enables you to create online material without having to worry about annoying digital watermarking.

The Capabilities of the Screen Recorder

Make an audio recording without any background sound.

This piece of the program not only records the sound and the display at the very same time, but it also has a separate recording device that can be used to record just soundtracks, such as online streaming, sound, or BGM from the machine.

Recording your voice with a speaker is another simple process that requires no effort. This specialized recorder may improve the quality of the audio by filtering out ambient noise and increasing the loudness of your own speech.

Webcam allows for the creation of unique videos.

The use of vocal and behavioral clues, which are necessary to get closer to viewers and attract their interest, is organically included in the recording of films with camera overlays, which is why many individuals choose to use this method.

This application is great for teaching, filming conferences, and other jobs involving face and screen recording. You have the option to film yourself performing, chatting, or sharing in presence of the camera and save the recording.

Game Recorder that Doesn't Lag and Has Sound Effects

This piece of freeware that records your display also includes a powerful game recorder that can record a variety of different video games.

It is able to capture gameplay videos complete with soundtrack, background music, and conversation from inside the games, which immerses spectators in the environment of the game.

In addition, the operation of a recording won't need a significant quantity of the computer's processing power or storage. As a result, you will be able to record gaming in high definition without experiencing any latency.

Easily Capture Images From Your Screen

This program not only allows you to record your display, but it also allows you to capture screenshots at any time, regardless of whether you choose to snap a photograph of a specific region of the computer monitor or take snapshots while filming.

In addition to that, you have the option, before saving the images, to annotate them with lines, forms, words, and so on. This freeware recorder provides a number of different file types, including PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF.

Eliminator of Watermarks

AnyErase is the most effective watermark extractor available, giving you the ability to instantly erase watermarks from photographs and videos. Get a free trial of the finest watermark removal now!

You have the ability to effortlessly erase watermarks from photographs when you use our picture watermark remover. You are not even proficient at using commercial software such as Adobe Photoshop.

It just takes a few clicks to remove watermarks completely, making the process much more streamlined and straightforward than you would have anticipated.

Characteristics of a Watermark Eliminator

Eliminate Watermarks from Videos Through the Power of Magic

It is also quite simple to erase watermarks from clips if that is something you choose to do. With the help of this enchanted movie watermark remover, you'll be able to rid your movies of distracting brands, texts, stamps, and dates.

You may add watermark information

Do you find that after eliminating watermark images you instantly would like to add your own personalized watermark information or phrases to films or photographs as well? This watermark remover should be able to fulfill your requirements! The addition of a watermark was never this simple.


Because you are utilizing AmoyShare, the imaginative and original facets of your life will be brought to the forefront of your consciousness more often. It is strongly suggested that you make use of the free version on at least one occasion.

FAQs for AmoyShare

How much money would you save if you signed up for AmoyShare?

A saving of 69% is included in each product.

The discount voucher for AmoyShare may be used in what way?

Make sure to include your promo code when buying a service package. Your browser receives an immediate connection to the permitted website.

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