Amadine Coupon Code & 67% Discount (Sep 2023)

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About Amadine

Amadine is the excellent answer for vector graphic creation pros and beginners with inventive imaginations. Created with accuracy and care for customers' demands, this graphic arts program gives each skill and function to bring the wildest concepts to life.

In addition to being very intuitive, the state-of-the-art vector sketching capabilities provide a quick and easy learning period. Various platforms: macOS, iPad, and iOS contribute to the right blend throughout all your machines.

Utilize it to make brands, symbols, and images and create webpages, user interfaces, print layouts, and more.

Amadine provides all you would require to give life to your wildest artistic concepts since it was made accurately and cared for what customers desire.


Sophisticated Painting

Designed for the convenience of usage, the Draw tool integrates Brushes with the free-hand Pencil utility to generate the cleanest raster strokes conceivably.

Modular Strokes

The Width function enables you to utilize easily adjustable stroking without having to set the brush length individually. Drag a button and witness the wish come true.


It enables you to store Amadine forms into Specially made collections to construct your unique groups of items and utilize the built-in graphic-shaped resources.

Designing with Letters and Type

Inspiration-driven writing solutions are sure to create extraordinary outcomes, whether you require a header or frameworks for content.

Other Features

Modifying Text

  • The text may be formatted and edited directly in the browser.
  • Modify the text as it is placed on the route.
  • Make a statement through graphical elements.
  • Modify the text by adjusting its style, size, color, and typeface.
  • Spread out the word and make sure it's aligned properly.
  • Change the line spacing and text size.
  • Make proportionate adjustments to the font size.
  • Use of both bullet points and numbering to organize information.

Outlines and Backgrounds

  • Toss in some more outlines and colors.
  • Make custom characteristics for the slashes and store them.
  • Sketch with touch-sensitive iPads.
  • Make things with sensitive and lifelike strokes.
  • Modify the Size, Altitude, and Fullness of every stroke, and keep it for further usage.
  • Employ Colour, Ombre, or Picture filling for the polygons.


  • You may choose between using the software with all tabs connected and removed in the Macintosh edition.
  • Input a zoom level of 6400%.
  • Make use of a square, a yardstick, a guideline, or a clever mentor.
  • Choose either Contour Look, Pixel Teaser, or Retinal Teaser from the drop-down menu.


  • Keep many paintings in one file.
  • Rotate and resize individual sheets as needed.
  • Set up your picture using linens.
  • Spreadsheets may be exported to various accepted file types as respective documents.
  • Wrap the artwork with the sheet and move it.


  • Make use of several levels and sub-levels.
  • Control the layer's transparency by adjusting its opacity.

Route Editing

  • Make outlines with the help of the Pen and Sketch instruments.
  • Feel free to reposition, delete, or add more anchors.
  • Silky and jagged elements may be created from existing points.
  • Use the Knives, Razor, and Remover to modify their created pathways and forms.


The price is $29.99 for a single Mac user and $49.99 for a family.

The annual cost for iPad/iPhone users is $9.99.


When it comes to making custom graphics, Amadine is the most wonderful drawing program for iPad, Macintosh, and iPhone. This application will save you time since it has all the necessary tools.

Amadine's extensive features include text manipulation, real-time graphics, 30 drawing tools, a workstation, and item formatting. Such robust resources are elegantly unified inside a user-friendly design, making for a streamlined proposed methodology.

FAQs for Amadine

How much did Amadine end up saving you?

The company is now offering a 67% Discount if you purchase today.

How can I use my Amadine discount coupon?

Click the button, copy the code, then enter it in the box to get the discount.

Precisely what sorts of sales might be discovered online?

Everything Package is on sale right now.

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