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About Allway Sync

It is possible to encrypt and reduce data. The novel synchronization techniques used by Allway Sync allow you to keep your data in synchronization across several devices, including desktops, notebooks, USB drives, external FTP/SFTP, WebDAV servers, and a wide variety of cloud-based data storage services.

It has a user-friendly UI and is very dependable. Using Synchronization Gateway, Allway Sync can also synchronize data on a Computer with that on a Macintosh.

Key Features of Allway Sync

Get your gadgets in sync

Maintain consistency in your data across several devices.

Without cost software

Synchronization software that is free for non-commercial usage. There are zero viruses, spyware, or advertising.

Consistent timing

Real n-way and reversible file/folder synchronization are performed. Put your backup and restoration procedures out of your mind.

Evolution of Synchronization

Allway Sync understands the real past of your documents without bothering you with unwanted queries since it keeps track of every change and removal in a local database.

Prevention of Data Loss

Our cutting-edge, patented methods don't depend on a perfectly synchronized timer or a stable internet connection. To that end, Allway Sync serves to forestall data loss.

Examine Variations

Produces a comprehensive summary of changes made to folders during synchronization.

The Detection of Deletions

Folders are synced effectively. When files are deleted from one device, Allway Sync will also delete them from other devices that are part of the synchronization.

Reconcile any data set

Almost every file format is compatible with Allway Sync.

Save and load

If you use Allway Sync in its one-way synchronization mode, you'll have a reliable means of backing up and restoring your data.

Multiple folder synchronization

Supports synchronization of more than two directories.

Harmonization in a system

Connect your desktop computers and portable computers to the same network and have their data synchronized.

An abundance of synchronization tasks

Each group of folders may have its own set of synchronization settings.

Establish timing using a shared mechanism

Use a detachable disc as an intermediary when moving files from one machine to another.

There are no size constraints on files

Allows for files of any length provided they fit inside the constraints of the input and output file systems.

FAQs for Allway Sync

How much does the Allway Sync discount code cost?

Costs can be reduced by at least 39%.

How can I redeem my Allway Sync discount code?

Click the button and enter your coupon code where it says "Coupon Code" to get your discount.

When shopping online, what types of discounts can you often anticipate?

The cost of any plan is negotiable.

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