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Airo Antivirus

Airo Antivirus is a new start-up from the first part of this year. It's a Mac-only antivirus with no plans to support other operating systems. An anti-phishing browser plugin is available, and the independent labs gave it an outstanding rating.

Easy-to-navigate is a hallmark of the Airo AV's user experience. Is it, however, feature-rich enough to justify the price tag? Although the antivirus is Mac-specific, does it include all you need to defend your Mac from malware?

The review could help you determine whether it's worth the money!

Here are a few noteworthy features of Airo Antivirus

It is important to note that Airo is a relatively new antivirus, unlike some more established brands. A browser add-on called Airo Web Security is also available from Airo. Here's a deeper look at what these two goods have to offer.

Antivirus Airo 

Airo's most recent upgrades included an option to let antivirus software access system files, which has now been removed. The system files were not accessible in early versions of Airo Antivirus since it did not have access to the complete hard drive. As a result, users were vulnerable to dangers lurking in system directories.

With Airo, you'll never have to worry about infected computers again. Compared to the latter, the former can check websites and computer peripherals for harmful malware. 

Airo Web Security

Browser add-on Airo Web Security, sometimes referred to as Airo Web Guardian, is very small and quick to install. Anti-phishing schemes and malware-infected websites are some of the things it can identify.

You may download the extension if you're using Safari or Chrome. That covers the vast majority of Mac users throughout the globe.

As soon as a malicious file is downloaded, the user will be informed through an alert from the browser extension, which keeps track of every user's download.

Detection of New and Unknown Threats Using Artificial Intelligence

To find patterns common to various viruses, Airo AV employs machine learning. 

Anti-Spyware Technology

Airo AV's spyware security examines uploads and website popups and other hardware devices like cameras, mice, and USB drives. Airo AV's malware protection. 

Performance and Security

In addition to being one of the few antiviruses for MacOS, Airo Antivirus is developed by the business Airo. The declared objective of the firm is to remain the world's most popular option for Mac users. San Diego, California, and Tel Aviv, Israel, are the company's headquarters.

Airo Antivirus won the Security AV-Test comparison of 11 macOS antivirus suites. The app achieved the highest possible rating in the protection field, beating out numerous long-time favorites.

Airo Antivirus was put to the test against AV-industry-standard Test's reference set. The test included 145 of the most common malware threats discovered in several months. Airo was infected with the usual types of malware, including trojans, worms, and, of course, viruses.


Reliability, efficiency, and readability are all addressed by AV-Test while evaluating antivirus software. An AV-Test performance test investigates the software's influence on a device's performance and speed while it is being used.

In this area, Airo excelled above and above several established rivals. All four performance categories are included here.

Plans and Costs for Airo AV

Airo AV has three price tiers, all of which are invoiced annually. Only the number of licenses you get differs across plans. The strategy is as follows:

  • Airo single room: Single license
  • Airo Pro Suite: Three permits 
  • Family suite in Airo: There are a total of five permits available.

A single Airo license costs $49.99 per year. Three licenses may be purchased for $69.99, and five can be purchased for $89.99.

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The following is what you'll get with each of the three options:

  • Malware, adware, spyware, ransomware, crypto-malware, and infections may be detected and prevented.
  • An add-on for Chrome and Safari guards against dangerous URLs and corrupted downloaded files.
  • Features, detection signatures, and URL lists are updated in the latest versions.

Final Outcome

Overall, Airo outperformed the industry norm in three of the performance test's four areas.

Only in application internet speed did it fall behind. Most Mac users probably wouldn't notice a 5 percent decrease in download speed.

An enthusiastic team of engineers at Airo Antivirus for Mac has developed an appealing new Mac OS X antivirus that accomplishes its job without being intrusive.

Tested by AV-Test, it came out on top in each of the three categories. Our Windows malware instances were wiped out by it in testing, but not completely.

However, the phishing security it promised has yet to be implemented. We can't wait to see what the future holds for this intriguing newcomer.

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