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About AidaForm

Companies may analyze client responses using AidaForm's themes. Export poll results to Excel or Google Sheets for analysis and form customization.

Using AidaForm, businesses can keep records of poll results and entries on a dashboard, analyze data visually through graphs, and develop bespoke online forms using pre-built templates.

There are yearly and monthly membership options as well as a free version of the software. It is possible to construct digital enrollment and purchase forms as well as questionnaires and polls with AidaForm.

AidaForm is a flexible, contemporary design with a wide range of modification options, and it supports both Classical and Dialogue form layouts. We've got over a hundred pre-made themes for internet retail, comment collecting, client growth, and referral generating.


Classical and conversational at the same time

Incorporate both conventional and interactive web forms onto your company's website. Attractive and Adjustable.

Countless Forms and Fields

Forms may be created as many times as necessary. You must maintain a comprehensive database of all the various types of information you may need. On our Free plan, there are no restrictions on the number of people who may use the service.

Domains that are unique to you

It's easier to set up a customized URL once and use it for several forms. AidaForm's form builder spares you both time and money.

Polls through Audio and Video

Get consumer feedback on your PR strategy! It's possible to ask camera inquiries and get text, video, or audio responses using AidaForm's features.

AidaForm Form Builder: 3 Easy Approaches to Creating Online Forms

Sign up with AidaForm and concentrate on the inquiries you would like to ask rather than developing Html documents from start. With AidaForm's web form builder, you'll receive more answers to your free web forms!


Make a Personalized Form

Access the form builder online. Get one of the premade themes or begin with a fresh page. A questionnaire, poll, signup, online purchase form, or any other customized web form may be created by combining blocks. When creating a form, you can just drag and drop a typical field like Name, Email, Telephone, Date, Text Input, or a File Upload into your form. With a few mouse clicks, you can create numerous selection quizzes, drop-down menus, rankings, and levels.


Publish and Distribute!

To encourage others to use it, keep it available in the Publishing area where they can see it and complete it. Anyone may now fill out their application online.

Make a button on your site that directs visitors to the form page. Alternatively, you may publish a direct connection to your submission on social media.

Take advantage of the embedding information provided by the online form builder if you require a web form on your site. No HTML code is necessary, just copy/paste it where you want it to appear.

No further server connections are required for any of the available sharing methods. The AidaForm program will handle anything.


Collect and Examine Reactions

You shouldn't have to constantly monitor your homepage to check if there are any new entries; you'll be alerted by email. Take your effort and then get to understand each of your consumers personally.

Export the findings to Excel or Google Sheets for your own use and convenience. AidaForm's online interface allows you to see critical statistics and response data in visually appealing graphs. Your project or company may go forward with more confidence now that you have access to this useful information.


A monthly membership to Aidaform Starter costs $8; an annual membership to Aidaform Expert or Ultimate prices $20 or $40, respectively.


Creating and embedding your first form takes no more than five minutes. Aidaform stands head and shoulders above the competition and is far less expensive.

It's easy to start from zero or utilize any of the pre-built themes to build your own unique form. The ideal and cost-effective option.


How much Aidaform savings would you get?

Every package comes with a 20% discount.

How to use a discount coupon for Aidaform?

Starter, Expert, and Ultimate are the 3 options. Enter your coupon code when purchasing a plan. A link to the authorized website is instantly sent to your browser.

How much does Aidaform cost?

Aidaform's monthly fee ranges from $8 to $40, depending on the plan you choose.

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