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About AeroAdmin

AeroAdmin is a comprehensive remote desktop program that allows complete control of machines, enabling unattended login, multiple remote links from and to a single device, data transfer, and endless endpoints.

AeroAdmin's remote desktop link has various practical uses for professional and private endeavors. Thus, it may save your organization money.

AES and RSA encryption, file transition, an address book, advertising, personalization, meeting news stories, clipboard synchronization, the transmission of system keys, auto-scaling, and multiple languages functionality are some of the other characteristics.


There is no setup or personalization required

AeroAdmin is a single system for managing and interacting with users. Downloading little executables and running them on local and distant machines is all required to establish a remote desktop session.

In only a few seconds, you'll be capable of taking complete command of the remote computer.

Use servers and computers in the field

AeroAdmin may run automatically with Windows for hands-free remote server and workstation administration.

You may either log out of all remote access, switch between them, or restart the machine in regular or safe mode.

Complete authenticated encryption system with critical public infrastructure

RSA and AES asymmetric key pairs encrypt administrator and corporate data during remote control. Electronic signatures used in the financial sector and by governments often use these cryptographic techniques.

Transfer of files

AeroAdmin provides unrestricted access to the file system of a remote machine. File transfers may be made to and from distant computers through an encrypted channel and halted resume transfers.

Address Book

You may save your connections (including remote machines' ID/IP addresses, their identities, and any other relevant information) and then group them for quick wireless monitoring.

Put the address book on a USB stick, so it's always handy, or put it in a cloud folder to be automatically synced across all operator PCs.

FAQs for AeroAdmin

If you want to save money on AeroAdmin, when do you plan on using my promo code?

When you enter the promo code, you'll be sent straight to the store's main page.

What is the process of AeroAdmin?

Regardless of your network's setup, AeroAdmin will immediately begin providing reliable NAT pass-through connections.

Where can I find information about ongoing sales, if any?

Now more than ever before, it's possible to find discounts on almost everything you want.

Do you know how much of a discount I can get on the AeroAdmin?

It's possible that if you pay for your membership on an annual basis, you may save up to 20% compared to the monthly price.

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