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About AdvancedVPN

California-based AdvancedVPN develops online anonymity and safety apps. The firm has a deep commitment to protecting users' privacy online. Certification was in 2019.

To such an extent, it provides financial assistance to charitable groups that defend the right to anonymity and freedom of expression. The Better Business Bureau has granted AdvancedVPN, Inc. its accreditation.

Whenever there is a problem with the Virtual network, a sophisticated Virtual private network protection system known as a killswitch will immediately cease all online activity.

Thanks to this, your information and intellectual property will be safe from unauthorized access. Networking Guard will begin operating on its own whenever you join the VPNs.

The British Virgin Islands have more stringent access to information regulations than most other nations, which is why AdvancedVPN, Inc. chose to establish its headquarters there. Despite being located in California, it's not a Fourteen Eyes member.

This particular VPN network operator doesn't keep any logs of its customers' activities, including their browser history, transit destinations, material substance, or Domain name inquiries.

It will never record your Internet address or Virtual private network connection. Additionally, it does not track the length of your internet visits.

It will only gather data that pertains to your profile. This contains your full name, email account, and the particulars of your payment. The organization suggests using Bitcoin as a payment method because of its increased level of anonymity.

AdvancedVPN Plus includes the following security protections:

  • Cover your tracks on the internet.
  • Covertly navigate and search the internet.
  • Keep your private information safe from cybercriminals.
  • Secure all of your activity on the web.
  • Approved protection against malware
  • Confidentiality protection that is verified
  • The most sophisticated security vault available to safely and
  • Keep a record of everything you do internet in complete secrecy.


Actual confidentiality

Safeguard yourself against potential cyberattacks and unsafe public Wi-Fi connections by having your online service providers protect your online traffic and activity.

Safe Connectivity

Protect your private information from cybercriminals and curious eyes, whether it is a railway station or a coffee house, wherever you are. Your VPN connection is secure. You will always have access to assistance.

Send our customer service representatives an email or start a live chat anytime. AdvancedVPN is eager to be of assistance.

Blazing speed

Advanced VPN provides users with access to servers in every country, allowing for a consistent and fast Virtual network regardless of location.

Protection of personal information

OpenVPN is the most trustworthy, flexible, widely-used, and open-source confidentiality technology available.

Encryption of a military-grade standard

Snoopers cannot access any of your leaving or arriving data since it will be encrypted to a maximum of 256 bits using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Capabilities of streaming and games

Massive gaming downloads and high-definition videos will no longer involve lengthy wait times or stuttering.

It is compatible with Android TV.

Watch all of your favorite stuff while maintaining your privacy.

The streaming services have been available once more

Utilize our lightning-fast VPNs to access videos hosted on hundreds of different streaming sites and view them.

Get Unrestricted Access to Your Beloved Stuff

Imagine a virtual private network (VPN) as a safe and secured passageway via which data may travel across the internet. Nobody can look via the tunnel and access your online data since it is encrypted.

Privacy of sensitive information that is freely available in source code

Built on top of OpenVPN and OpenSSL, the most trustworthy, widely-used, and open-source data security technologies available today.

Conceal your whereabouts and guard yourself

Snoopers and cybercriminals should not be allowed to discover your whereabouts. Conceal your address right this second!


  • Simple to operate
  • Works on various devices


  • Pricey
  • There is no free option.
  • There is no hidden VPN.

Cost of an Advanced VPN

At the moment this review is written, AdvancedVPN is providing a discount of 85 percent. You may have it right now for $1.99 for the first month; after that, the regular price will be $12.97.

In addition, there is a money-back guarantee for thirty days.

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