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About Advanced Serial Port Monitor

You can use Advanced Serial Port Monitor to test a machine's connectivity between COM ports. It's evident from the name that this program may act as a serial interface monitor.

It can operate in full duplex function, with adjustable settings, data recording to a file, manual and automatic modes, multiple data sources, serial device emulation, extensions, and the sniffer method. In-depth users and automation experts should consider using it.

There is no need to change your workflow to accommodate different devices that use different serial interface standards, like RS232, RS485, or RS422.

Use the serial port monitor to keep tabs on what's happening in real-time as information passes between a serial interface and any program running under Windows.

Possible candidates for the second personal computer linked via z-modem cable are the measurement instrument, the factory controller, or the amateur's radio show.

Any way you look at it, you'll use a user-friendly and straightforward interface that provides you with the utmost convenience and ease of use.


Spy/Sniffer Function

This mode allows you to see communications between a serial port-connected item and a Windows program;

Terminal Mode RS-232

Unlike some other sniffers, our program does much more. You may debug and troubleshoot your peripherals with the help of the RS232 terminal mode, which allows you to transmit and get any information from a serial port.

You can configure it in many ways

In addition to a wide range of baud rates, user-defined baud speeds, data bit lengths, stop bit lengths, parity kinds, and flow control implementations, our serial port monitor supports various additional settings. Whenever you choose, you may adjust any conversational settings;

You can use whatever data source you choose

Send information from textual or binaries via serial port monitoring. Furthermore, the program's input window allows for the entry of a data string. Numbers 0 through 31 are available in a drop-down menu for character insertion;

Data Records

If somehow the flow of data is very rapid, the application may save all bytes received in a file for subsequent analysis;


File transfers, MODBUS/ASCII device emulation, debugging, and script execution are all possible with the help of our plugins;

Integrated Scripting Environment

You may use this function to launch Advanced Serial Port Monitor with specific parameters and actions or to carry out instructions from add-ons.

FAQs for Advanced Serial Port Monitor

Is it possible to keep tabs on numerous serial ports at once?

Serial Port Monitor supports monitoring an infinite amount of serial ports simultaneously. For each COM interface, just start a new instance of the application.

What kinds of sales can you anticipate while shopping online?

Everything in the package is discounted.

The Advanced Serial Port Monitor discount code is needed, where can I get one?

It's doable to cut costs by at least 29%.

To what end may I put my discount code for Advanced Serial Port Monitor?

To use your discount, just click the button and input the code into the space that appears.

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