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About Advanced Installer

Edit, generate, update, and repackage MSI, APPX, EXE, App-V, and MSIX using this all-in-one application packaging tool.

Microsoft's official release partner and the first tool to support MSIX technology. The Architect edition includes the Repackager module. Licensing is perpetual and royalty-free.

Advanced Installer Architect is an essential part of any organization's application management strategy.

Advanced Installer is used by businesses to standardize their application bundles and automate deployment operations.

It assists you in more effectively managing workstations, lowering end-user security risks, lowering end-user support expenses, increasing end-user experience, and minimising business interruptions.

Functionality and features

Advanced Installer contains a lot of valuable features. It comes with a recent packaging experience that enables you to work with a variety of popular development tools, as well as extensions that allow you to integrate your CI/CD pipeline. The following are some of the features:

Support for CI/CD

The CI/CD approach is used by most firms that have embraced agile development strategies. This enables cross-platform development to be done more rapidly and with more agility. Advanced Installer supports CI/CD approaches and tools with numerous command-line arguments, enabling comprehensive CI support.

MSIX support 

Advanced Installer supports and features the MSIX format for packaging software. MSIX is a new application-packaging standard. This is a free and open-source deployment method.

The collaboration feature is being tested.

Collaboration features are built-in to Advanced Installer. This includes creating merge modules to share work and a built-in project notes window that allows for familiar and predictable commenting.

Support for Visual Studio

Visual Studio is a well-known integrated development environment (IDE). You may install the Advanced Installer extension from the Visual Studio Marketplace if you're using Visual Studio. This allows you to work with Advanced Installer projects directly from Visual Studio and combine them with MSBuild.

Overview of Advanced Installer Pricing

The one-time cost for Advanced Installer begins at $499.00 per user. There is also a free version. A free trial of Advanced Installer is also available.

There are many Advanced Installer versions to pick from:

  • Freemium Express (which includes one MSIX project and is free)
  • Professional: $499 per user
  • Enterprise: $1,799 per user
  • $3,599 per user for the architect
  • $10.799 per concurrent user for Architect Floating
  • Floating Enterprise: $5.399 per concurrent user

FAQs for Advanced Installer

⭐️ What is the best deal available for Advanced Installer?

Using the Advanced Installer discount coupon, you can get up to 40% off on all plans.

⭐️ Is Advanced Installer a secure program?

Advanced Installer is a Windows installer writing tool for safely, securely, and reliably installing, upgrading, and customizing your goods.

⭐️ Why are my files and registry keys washed out (disabled)?

The greyed-out folders and registry keys are not deactivated. Those files and registry keys aren't filled with anything. They will not be produced during the package installation and will not be utilized in your project.

The files/registry values cannot be disabled, and all folders/keys are accessible.

⭐️ Why am I getting the 1627 error message?

A duplicate Control Event on one of the installation dialogues is usually the source of this issue. If you cannot locate an identical control event, please submit the project file to support at advanced installer dot com so that we may investigate.

⭐️ How many active deals are available online?

There are 3+ active online coupons working for this month.

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