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About Adobe Illustrator

When it comes to vector editors, Adobe Illustrator is hard to beat. Illustrator has been around for a while, so its interface and features are polished and well thought out. Make excellent illustrations, company logos, screen layouts, website prototypes, and almost anything else.

Designers of all stripes utilize vector graphics tools to create digital images, drawings, and fonts for publication in print, on the web, in dynamic and video formats, and on mobile devices.


App-based education

Improve your knowledge and abilities with instant access to helpful lessons, reference materials, and creative prompts.

More rapid communication and sharing

Quicken, simplify, and enhance review processes by keeping track of feedback and changes directly in Illustrator.

Use objects and text together.

Intertwine allows you to combine design components in a loop, overlapping, or weave pattern for an extra layer of complexity in your work.

Visualizations in three dimensions

Add depth to your creations by including photorealistic effects, illumination, and textures.

Develop your logo concept

Accurately mix and rearrange geometric forms. Create a logo that stands out and becomes associated with your business using the Explorer and Shapebuilder features.

Make each assignment your own

Dynamic fonts from Adobe Originals may be found in Illustrator's font menu and utilized to make your text stand out. Pick a preexisting font as a jumping-off point for your design, and then play with the type's size, width, and orientation.

It would help if you drew a rough draught first.

Draw pencil sketches in Illustrator to get the desired effect, or import handwriting or digital art created in Adobe Photoshop to achieve the desired result.

Hone your craft

Importing a sketch of the font you wish to use and running it through Image Trace will give you a vector file you can use. Modify it to improve readability, and mold the letters to get the exact visual style you like.

Get your thoughts down on paper.

When working on a graphic design process, it's simple to include a new style into your toolkit and start using it immediately, thanks to third-party extensions that help you approve and handle typefaces.

FAQs for Adobe Illustrator

What is the Common use of Adobe Illustrator?

To make logos, icons, charts, infographics, posters, commercials, books, magazines, and brochures, artists and graphic designers turn to Adobe Illustrator.

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