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About AdGuard

AdGuard is the most effective virus protection software and ad blocker available today. AdGuard will improve your time online more productive, secure, and pleasant.

The AdGuard ad blocker is effective against all types of advertisements. All advertisements, including pop-ups, videos, and billboards, will cease to exist.

Background screening and aesthetic editing ensure that the sites you land on are free of clutter and contain just the information you were seeking.

Safeguards are in place to thwart malicious advertisements, malicious websites, and scammers. AdGuard compares each query to a list of known harmful websites and cancels those that match.

AdGuard is designed to block any tracking and analytics software. Third-party cookies are obstructed, your Internet address is hidden, and a plethora of additional security measures are available inside the software.

An alternative to masking your digital presence is to assume a false identity and surf the web without anybody knowing who you are.


AdGuard Home

AdGuard Home becomes a system-wide advertising and tracker blocker. Once built, it will protect everything in your house without requiring any client technology.

With the proliferation of IoT and linked gadgets, centralized network management is much more crucial than ever.

We value your privacy. AdGuard protects you against harmful tracking and predictive analytic tools.

AdGuard DNS

Each of your devices will be free of advertisements and tracking cookies thanks to AdGuard DNS and its powerful filtering technology.

You may rely on our pre-set restrictions, blocklist specific domains as needed, or combine the two. As soon as you type in a Website or click on a page, your computer will query the AdGuard Domain name for the Internet address associated with that domain.

AdGuard Domain name system prevents harmful assaults and privacy leaks by blocking domains about marketing, monitoring, harmful, or fake websites.

AdGuard Browser extension

It eliminates 100% of all advertisements across all websites without slowing them down or adding unnecessary weight. If you employ AdGuard with your preferred computer, you may surf the web quickly and securely without ever seeing another advertisement.

AdGuard for Safari

As a result of Apple's insistence that everybody upgrade to the updated Safari add-ons software development kit, ad blockers have had a rough go of it.

Hopefully, by installing the AdGuard plugin, Safari will again have effective ad filtering. The AdGuard application provides superior screening since its filters have been fine-tuned for Safari.

The criteria provided by AdGuard and those offered by other prominent lists add up to even more than 50.

AdGuard for iOS Pro

Consumers of the freemium model of AdGuard for iOS already have access to the great ad blocking in Safari, but the Premium edition adds even more features.

The application allows direct access to custom DNS settings that may block adverts, restrict children's access to inappropriate material, and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Safari's most cutting-edge ad blocker eliminates the need to even think about pop-up advertising, boosts website load times, and safeguards sensitive information.

AdGuard for iOS

One of the most OK ad blockers for iOS's Safari browser. AdGuard can block all types of advertisements in Safari, keeping your personal information safe while speeding up page loads.

AdGuard for iOS's adblocker engine provides the highest quality possible when used with several filters.

AdGuard Content Blocker

In smartphone browsers that employ content filter functionality, such as Samsung Internet and Yandex, the AdGuard Material Filter will prevent all advertisements.

Browser. Though it has fewer features than AdGuard for Android, it is freeware, requires no particular setup, and blocks ads effectively.

AdGuard for Android

AdGuard is a one-of-a-kind ad blocker for Android which does not necessitate you to root your device to block adverts in applications and websites, safeguard your security, and streamline your app management.

If you own an Android smartphone, you need AdGuard. It has many more app control features than other ad blocks and doesn't require root privileges.

AdGuard for Windows

AdGuard is an innovative desktop application that provides the most satisfactory possible functionality on the web. The software features the world's most effective ad blocking technology for Windows, a robust privacy component, and a parental control app for any online browser or mobile app.

The Windows version of AdGuard does more than preventing advertisements. It is a versatile program that may prevent unwanted advertisements, restrict access to potentially harmful websites, accelerate page loads, and safeguard young users from inappropriate material.

AdGuard for Mac

AdGuard was the first ad blocker for Mac, to our knowledge. Our ad-blocking technology goes above and beyond what any browser plugin could do by blocking advertising across all browsers and applications while also safeguarding your personal information.

AdGuard for macOS is a unique ad blocker. It prevents stalking, phishing, and fraud.

AdGuard VPN

You may remain anonymous when using any web browser or mobile app. When you use AdGuard VPN, the whole globe is at your fingertips.

You are liberated from the constraints of geography. Conceal your identity, go anywhere you choose (we support 50+ places), and get access to top-secret information without raising suspicion.

Every major firm and governmental agency use data-gathering drones. However, you get the cutting-edge technology to stay one step ahead of them: the innovative AdGuard VPN protocol conceals your online identity while making you swifter.


The monthly fee for an Adguard Personal License is $2.49, while the price for an Adguard Family License is $5.49.

FAQs for AdGuard

How much does AdGuard cost at a discount?

Potential cost-cutting of 29% or more is feasible.

What do I do with my AdGuard discount code?

To redeem your coupon, click the button, then enter it into the designated area.

When shopping online, what discounts should you expect?

Prices for yearly packages can be reduced.

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