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Abine DeleteMe Coupon Code, 41% Discount
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About Abine

Many areas of our online life need the use of credentials in order to be accessed. There are many passwords to remember, from Spotify and Apple Music subscriptions to email identities and internet banking applications, for the ordinary individual. A lot to memorize there.

There is a simple answer to this issue: a password organizer. With a password supervisor, you can save and recover all of your passwords in one place.

There are several password organizers out there, but picking just one might be difficult. Check out our Blur password management review to learn why it's one of the best security solutions available and whether you should trust it to protect your data.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology's engineering and finance scholars launched Abine, a Boston-based security business company, in 2009.

Both Blur, a password manager, and Abine DeleteMe, a program for erasing personal data through the web, are part of the Abine DeleteMe family. Both technologies protected 25 million Web clients in 2019.

Blur is a security feature with online wallets and site tracking filtering features that's been on the marketplace since 2014. But as you'll discover in our review of Abine Blur, it's a lot too much, particularly for its ability to secure internet data and Internet activities in the same way a VPN does.

Features of Abine Blur

Blur isn't only a password locker, as we previously said. The program lacks the greatest collection of capabilities anticipated from a password administrator, regardless of how remarkable its additional skills may be.

Software for checking the strength of your credentials

As a rule, the more difficult it is to break a complex password, the better. On the premise of duration, Blur evaluates the strength of your credentials, ranging from weak to highly secure.

Secret Word

A text-based passphrase is required when signing up with Blur in order to protect your profile and its contents. There is no password storage at Blur. When you enter it, Blur verifies it and gives you an entry to your profile and its information.

Using a password manager secures auto-filling internet forms.

Creating a New Password

You may use the Blur plugin to establish secure passwords whenever you sign up for a new account on a web application. A random mix of words, digits, and special symbols is the usual passcode produced this way.

You may, however, establish a password for Blur that only comprises letters.

The ability to run on several platforms

Blur's cloud-based application is compatible with Pc and macintosh, and it also has mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as pc solutions like Chrome Extensions for Blur.

Storage of Passwords with No Limits

There is no limit on the number of credentials you may save using Blur by Abine. Users on both the free and premium plans have no restriction on the number of messages they may send. One of the main drawbacks of the freemium model is the fact that space is only available on one computer.


For one-click autofill on online pages, this function allows you to store your payment cards directly, and also IDs and addresses.

Anti-Tracker Measures

Your surfing history is reviewed and protected by the Blur password manager. This is accomplished via the use of the Blur web plugins.


  • Apps that are easy to use
  • The software blocks Internet trackers.
  • Encrypts confidential data
  • A free version of a paying membership and a risk-free trial


  • History of data breaches
  • Needs a better way to keep track of information.
  • Additional options for password management aren't available.


The Premium Limitless version is available to subscribers for a monthly fee of $14.99 or an annual fee of $99.


So now the Blur password manager evaluation has come to a close, we'd like to express our admiration for Abine's program for its outstanding service in maintaining Online anonymity as well as its usefulness as a password administrator.

Blur is the perfect solution for those in search of complete online secrecy.

FAQs for Abine

⭐️ How much money would you save with Abine?

You may enjoy a discount of up to 41%.

⭐️ How can you redeem Abine's discount coupons?

Make sure to include your promo code when buying a service package. Your browser receives an immediate connection to the permitted website.

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