5 Best Data Recovery Software for Windows (Free & Paid)

You may use data recovery software to retrieve lost, corrupted, or deleted files from several storage devices. These tools for recovering files may be used to recover various file types, including data, documents, videos, photographs, and more.

Using data recovery software, it is possible to retrieve files that have been accidentally erased or damaged from a wide range of storage devices.

It can recover files accidentally deleted or lost due to virus attacks, failures of hard discs, or any other reason.

This application looks through all of the storage media to find the files that have been deleted. It can recover a wide variety of data types, such as audio, video, contacts, and email messages.

How is the process of data recovery carried out?

When files are deleted, they are transferred to the recycle bin, which remains until they are removed. The file is still there even though it was removed from the recycling bin.

Once a file is deleted, its path is removed from the file system, making it impossible to access the file. As soon as it is determined that this file is no longer required, the space that it used will be marked as available for use by another file.

Choosing Data Recovery Software: Key Considerations to Keep in Mind

When there are so many alternatives, how do you know which data recovery software packages are safe to use and which ones you should steer clear of? Simple! Before deciding on a single option, you investigate its functioning, compatibility, features, user-friendliness, pricing, and level of safety.

A few different aspects need a more in-depth investigation from us.

What Kind of Data Recovery Software Should You Install on Your Computer?

Only after carefully determining if using file recovery software is the most appropriate response to your predicament should you go ahead and install it and utilize it. If you attempt to restore the deleted data, there is a chance that you may make the situation worse rather than better.

You will, at the very least, be squandering your time.

When selecting file recovery software, it is essential to take into consideration the following factors: 


The most crucial factor to consider when looking for the best software is how well the data recovery function works. This is by far the most critical selection criteria.

Some programs can only recover data from the recycle bin if it hasn’t been emptied. These applications are far less helpful than those that can retrieve irrevocably deleted files that are no longer accessible in the recycle bin. 

Help for the underlying Files System

Modern solid-state drives, USB flash drives, and memory cards are all prone to experiencing data loss. Conventional spinning hard drives are not the only kind of storage medium vulnerable to this issue.

Since you never know which storage device you’ll need to recover from next, it’s best to choose a data recovery program that can recover lost data from various file systems, such as NTFS, FAT, FAT32, exFAT, HFS+, APFS, ext2/3/4, and others.

This is because it’s not always possible to predict which storage device you’ll need to recover from next. 

Offering Assistance with a Wide Selection of Available Operating Systems

A solution compatible with your primary operating system is preferred unless you don’t mind using a separate OS to recover the lost data.

Windows, Mac, and Linux users and other operating systems are fortunate to have a large variety of high-quality options from which to choose.

File formats that might be supported.

Recover data in all the most common file types, including audio, video, and image files. Components Comprised of.


Some of the features that any data recovery software that is worth its salt should have are the capacity to inspect deleted files before recovering them, the ability to retrieve only specific files, and the capacity to recover data from devices that are malfunctioning, partially unreadable, or have lost a partition.


Even when a piece of software is free to download and install, this does not always mean that you may use it without cost to recover data that has been deleted.

When searching for the best data recovery software, it is essential to keep your financial constraints in mind from the beginning and consider the programs priced within those constraints. While comparing prices, it is necessary to bear in mind that some applications may include a lifetime license and even lifetime updates.

A subscription is required to use some programs (which means that you are paid monthly or annually).


The last thing you want to do is make use of a tool that is either infected with malware or developed by someone who lacks the necessary skills.

Consequently, it would help if you stuck with well-known solutions that have received several positive reviews and many satisfied consumers.

A few different types of data recovery software may be obtained on the internet. Some pieces of software may be downloaded for no cost, while others provide a demo version that can be tested without charge.

A list of the five best accessible data recovery programs for the year 2022 has been produced by our team.

List of 5 Best Data Recovery Software for Windows PC

EaseUS Data Recovery

The data recovery program produced by EaseUS, a well-known software company, can retrieve lost data from various storage media, such as hard discs, USB drives, and external hard drives.

Anyone may easily retrieve files that they have deleted or lost with a data recovery program such as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. The free trial version allows Windows users to recover up to 2 GB of deleted data.

Due to the intuitive nature of this program’s user interface, it will only take a few moments for you to recover any data that have been deleted. Previewing recoverable items before beginning the recovery process can ensure that the correct files are restored. You can restrict the scope of the scan to merely checking for specific categories of files by using filters.

Among the causes of data loss that EaseUS may remedy include inadvertently formatting a partition, unexpectedly losing files, and getting infected by malicious software.

The software, which enables the recovery of hundreds of different types of files, is compatible with all disk-based storage devices.

Because of the tool’s user-friendly design makes it possible to access all of the tool’s functionalities, making it suitable for those with less experience with computers.


  • It provides reliable data recovery performance.
  • It is possible to recover a wide variety of file formats.
  • There is a way of doing a comprehensive scan that is available, and it supports more than a thousand distinct file formats.
  • Within the bundle are recoverable files and those that cannot be retrieved.


  • Licenses that require a financial investment.


  • Among other things, it can recover data, documents, videos, and photographs that have been accidentally erased or lost.
  • It assists in recovering data that has been lost due to a virus.
  • It is possible to sort the results of the scan based on the kind of files that they include.
  • Utilizing this utility, it is possible to recover a partition that was deleted.
  • You may be able to obtain a glimpse of the data before it is completely restored.
  • The Data Recovery Wizard can aid you if you lose data on your personal computer or laptop.
  • There are potentially thousands of distinct file types that may be retrieved.

Wondershare Recoverit

Recoverit by Wondershare can retrieve lost data from a wide variety of storage media, including hard discs, flash drives, and SD cards. It’s almost like receiving a preview of something before it’s shown publicly.

Wondershare is a piece of data recovery software. You may use it to conduct a wide variety of activities, some of which include recovering data that has been deleted and partitioning a hard disc or USB device. It just takes a few clicks of the mouse to recover lost data with the help of Recoverit.

Selecting, scanning, and evaluating the recovered files is all required to recover lost data when using Recoverit; the process requires three simple actions. It offers free assistance with technological issues around the clock.

Wondershare Recoverit allows users to retrieve various files, including emails, videos, music, and pictures. It is capable of opening well over a thousand different sorts of files.

It is possible, for instance, to retrieve lost information from a personal computer (PC), Apple computer (Mac), hard disc drive (HDD), USB drive (SD card), or another storage device.


  • The technique that Recoverit is working on getting a patent allows for the possibility of recovering long-lost movies.
  • It is possible to fix a wide variety of different video formats.
  • It is capable of repairing many videos at the same time.
  • It is possible to retrieve lost data from a computer that has malfunctioned.

Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery is the most effective data recovery solution for consumers and businesses of all sizes.

There is support for various external storage options, including servers, memory cards, and flash drives.

It provides customer assistance accessible anytime or night and is open seven days a week. One package contains both data recovery software and photo recovery software, iPhone recovery software, video repair software, and all of these.


  • This tool is compatible with a wide variety of cameras and mobile phones, making it suitable for use in the process of video repair.
  • It is possible to recover data from many other media types, such as USB sticks, SD cards, and CF cards, amongst other detachable storage devices.
  • With this application, you’ll be able to retrieve any photos, videos, contacts, messages, calendars, or call history that you could have erased inadvertently from your iPhone or iPad.

Stellar Data Recovery (opens in a new tab) might be of assistance to you if you have inadvertently lost or erased anything vital from your computer or any other kind of storage device and want it back. In addition, it is well-liked, and it has a large number of instruments of a high-quality standard.


  • It allows for the recovery of any media.
  • You can determine in advance, with the help of the preview tool, which files could be recoverable.
  • Included in this package are features for testing and cloning discs.


  • Too many files are misrepresented as being recoverable when in reality, they cannot be.
  • There is no automatically displayed list of files that have been removed.
  • The inability to use many monitors simultaneously is a specific source of frustration.

MiniTool Data Recovery

Reliable file recovery is simple to overlook until you lose essential data. To prevent losing data, you must use the finest data recovery software.

Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 are all supported by the MiniTool client. For those using macOS 10.5 or later, there’s a version available. A dashboard with four choices is shown when the program is installed: Undelete Recovery, Damaged Partition Recovery, Lost partition recovery, and Digital media recovery.

As a free user, you’re limited to a small amount of hard disc data recovery options. A premium license is required if you want to recover any substantial data.

With MiniTool Power Data Recovery, users have various options for getting their lost data back. An easy-to-use tool that’s capable of handling any circumstance is what you get with this app. Just a few such scenarios include the following:


  • Recovery of CDs and DVDs is supported.
  • You may use it on either a PC or a Mac.


  • Free users may recover only 1 MB (Mac) or 1 GB (Windows) 
  • Unattractive user interface

Tenorshare Data Recovery

As a data recovery and security solutions developer, Tenorshare has specialized in this area. To recover data from a variety of different sources, it has created a small data recovery program.

A few of Tenorshare Data Recovery’s most notable features include

  • Recovery of files
  • Formats of files Supported
  • Scan in Depth

Tenorshare’s user interface is one of its most distinctive characteristics. As a result, it’s very user-friendly and straightforward. You don’t need special training or expertise to use the program. In addition, Tenorshare provides a user guide on its website to assist new users in becoming familiar with the user interface.

Scan discs are available as soon as you access Tenorshare’s user interface. A drop-down menu button in the upper left corner provides access to various support resources and instructions. In addition, you have the option of looking through files by hand or using the search box.

A pleasant user experience is expected from Tenorshare. The interface is simple and beautiful, but the entire data recovery procedure is simple to follow once you are comfortable with it.


  • Quality of output
  • Lightweight
  • This application supports several file formats.


  • There are no logs of any kind.
  • Previews are few.
  • A labor-intensive, in-depth examination.

So these are the top data recovery software for Windows. We hope you found the helpful information and picked up as per your requirements. Don’t forget to check the best deals on all plans.

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