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FAQs for Under Armour

Where can I buy Under Armour products?

Under Armour products are available for purchase through their official website, as well as through authorized retailers and department stores. You can also find Under Armour products in various sports and athletic specialty stores.

How to determine my correct size for Under Armour apparel and shoes?

Under Armour provides size charts on their website that offer guidance on finding the appropriate size for their apparel and footwear. It is recommended to refer to these charts and measure yourself accurately to ensure the best fit.

What is Under Armour's return policy?

Under Armour's return policy may vary depending on the specific retailer or the place of purchase. It is advisable to review the return policy outlined on the Under Armour website or contact their customer support for detailed information on returns, exchanges, and refunds.

Does Under Armour offer customization options for their products?

Under Armour does not currently offer direct customization options for their products. However, they do provide a wide range of styles, colors, and designs to choose from, allowing you to find products that suit your preferences.

Are Under Armour products suitable for specific sports or activities?

Yes, Under Armour offers products designed for various sports and fitness activities, including running, training, basketball, soccer, and more. They incorporate specific technologies and features to enhance performance and provide comfort during specific athletic pursuits.

How should I care for my Under Armour apparel and shoes?

Under Armour typically provides care instructions on their product labels or tags. It is recommended to follow these instructions for the best care and maintenance of your Under Armour apparel and shoes, which may involve machine washing, air drying, or other specific care practices.

Can I contact Under Armour's customer support for assistance?

Yes, Under Armour has a customer support service that can assist with inquiries, product information, orders, and other concerns. 

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