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FAQs for Trainline

What is Trainline?

Trainline is an online platform that enables users to search, compare, and book train tickets in multiple countries across Europe. It offers a convenient and centralized way to plan and book train travel.

Can I book international train tickets with Trainline?

Yes, Trainline allows users to book international train tickets for certain routes. It provides options for cross-border travel between different countries, making it convenient to plan and book train journeys that span multiple destinations.

Does Trainline offer mobile ticketing?

Yes, Trainline provides mobile ticketing options for selected train operators. This allows you to book your ticket on the Trainline app and have your ticket stored digitally on your smartphone, eliminating the need for a physical ticket.

What other services does Trainline provide?

In addition to booking train tickets, Trainline offers services such as real-time train updates, live departure and arrival times, platform information, seat reservation options, and journey planning tools to help you navigate your train travel smoothly.

Does Trainline charge booking fees?

Trainline may apply a booking fee for certain train tickets or services. The fee amount and specific conditions can vary depending on the ticket type, train operator, and country.

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