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FAQs for Three

Can I use my Three mobile plan abroad without incurring additional charges?

Yes, Three offers "Feel at Home" roaming, allowing customers to use their mobile plans abroad in selected destinations without extra charges for calls, texts, and data.

Does Three offer any discounts for multi-line or family plans?

Yes, Three provides discounts for multi-line or family plans, allowing customers to save on their monthly bills when adding multiple lines or family members to their account.

Can I upgrade my device before completing my contract with Three?

Yes, Three offers an early upgrade program called "Three Up" that allows eligible customers to upgrade their devices before their contract ends, subject to certain conditions.

Does Three provide any perks or rewards for loyal customers?

Yes, Three has a loyalty program called "Wuntu" that offers exclusive rewards, discounts, and giveaways to their customers, including deals on food, entertainment, and shopping.

What happens if I go over my data allowance with Three?

With Three, if you go over your data allowance, you will not be charged extra. Instead, your data speed may be reduced, known as "traffic management," until your next billing cycle.

Can I keep my phone number when switching to Three?

Yes, you can easily keep your existing phone number when switching to Three. Simply provide your PAC (Porting Authorization Code) from your current provider during the sign-up process, and Three will take care of the rest.

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