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The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) oversees the technicalities of SPYERA, which comprises about seventy employees divided into the following departments: Research and Development, Testing; User Support; and Information Technology Management.

Our firm's development is driven by our Research Group, comprised of intelligent, creative engineers who keep tabs on products in the wide world of mobile computing.

Most of their time is spent investigating various topics of interest; this includes smartphones, device software, GSM hardware, and more.

They may find things like rootkits or hidden APIs, create new methods to save energy as much as possible, or test the limits of a framework that focuses.

The ideas of people like them are the germ of fresh product concepts.


Keep your kids safe

Keep your kids safe from harm, whether through the internet or in the real world. Did your kid make it to and from school safely? When did they disappear? Where did they find these new pals? Monitor and restrict your children's smartphone use from afar. The most effective kid-tracking software is SPYERA.

Watch the Employees

Observe the whereabouts, activities, and conversations of your staff members. Maintain a close eye on company cell phones to keep sensitive information safe.

Software for Monitoring and Restricting Teenagers

Children grow up in a world of technology that their parents can hardly comprehend. Keeping your kid safe from cyberbullying, inappropriate material, and cyber attackers is as easy as installing SPYERA, a sophisticated surveillance tool, on their phone, laptop, or iPad.

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

You may track a target's GPS location from any internet-connected computer, record keystrokes, and see online activities.

Put SPYERA on the computer or mobile device you want to keep tabs on, provided you have the owner's permission to do so.

Just spill the beans now! SPYERA is a covert computer and mobile phone surveillance program that will keep your loved ones safe.


SPYERA is an untraceable mobile and PC espionage program. Silently, it operates in the backdrop, producing no visible results.

Priority Connection

Keep an eye on the sites accessed, the bandwidth used, and the user names and passwords used.

Site Of Track

Track the history of where the gadget has been used. Track your position in real-time with a GPS tracker.


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