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FAQs for Omio

Can I book multi-city trips or itineraries with multiple stops on Omio?

Yes, Omio offers the flexibility to book multi-city trips or itineraries with multiple stops. By utilizing their platform, you can easily customize your travel plans, including adding various destinations and selecting different modes of transportation to create a seamless and efficient journey.

Does Omio provide real-time updates on delays or disruptions in transportation services?

Omio strives to provide up-to-date information regarding delays or disruptions in transportation services. While they rely on data from transportation providers, unexpected changes may occur.

Can I make changes or cancel my bookings through Omio?

Yes, Omio allows customers to make changes or cancel bookings, subject to the terms and conditions of the transportation provider. It's important to review the specific policies for each booking, as some may have restrictions or associated fees for modifications or cancellations.

Does Omio offer customer support for assistance with bookings or travel-related queries?

Absolutely. Omio provides customer support to assist with bookings and travel-related queries. Their dedicated support team is available to address customer concerns, provide guidance, and offer solutions for any issues encountered during the booking process or throughout the journey.

Can I use Omio to book transportation for international travel outside of Europe?

Yes, Omio offers transportation options for international travel beyond Europe. While their primary focus is on European travel, they also provide access to flights and other transportation services for destinations outside of Europe, enabling customers to plan and book their journeys to various international locations.

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