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Coupon code for Nifty Stats, valid for the first month only, offering a discount of 10% on a 1 Year subscription to the service.
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Nifty Stats promotions for a One-Month Subscription, offering a 10% discount
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About Nifty Stats

Desktop tool Nifty Stats consistently and at periodic intervals collects the statistics from your associate programs, partner platforms, and advertising companies.

Nifty Stats is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. It displays these tracking data on a routine basis.

Nifty Stats provides automatic statistics directly to your computer for any timespan that you pre-define, and it does so for any period of duration. The sole contact is between your computer and the affiliate network website.

Nifty Stats is an Affiliate Software for SMEs and Entrepreneurs. Nifty Stats delivers Web-app-specific solutions.

This online Affiliate system consolidates functions such as Affiliate Administration, Associate Monitoring, Revenue Managerial staff, Fraud Prevention, and Multi-Language into a single location.

Nifty Stats is a reliable and comfortable online tracking application that enables vital statistical data to biz owners, industries, and website owners instantaneously and on a routine basis about their advertisements, affiliate programs, and systems.

Nifty Stats is a stable and safe online tracking app. Affiliate data are supplied to the user's PC and Android smartphone in real time and shown in a small window on both devices.


Monitoring of Affiliate Statistics

Nifty Stats makes tracking data from affiliate programs, partner firms, and digital advertising easy and hassle-free.

The app will immediately and instantly provide associate data to the user's windows Computer as well as their Android smartphone. Regularly supplied affiliate data may be of any length and frequency.

Partner info is in one window for convenience. This provides them with an easy and convenient method for monitoring input from a range of partner programs, affiliate programs, and digital advertising efforts.

Additionally, Nifty Stats is capable of generating partner sales statistics and sending automatic notifications to users about their purchases and billings. Email or Text may send these alerts.

Graphical Explanation

The associate monitoring system describes the information collected from affiliate links, partner companies, and online marketing initiatives using a variety of graphical representations, or charts. Customers are thus able to conduct a visual analysis of the performance of their businesses.

For example, with the use of Nifty Stats, they are able to get information regarding affiliate marketers. They are able to find out just how much cash they have previously made from associate programs or affiliate networks, in addition to how much income they have not yet gotten yet from such programs or systems.

They are also able to measure and evaluate the overall number of advertising revenue, ad views, and rebills or refunds that they have for any given period of time.

The process of analyzing the costs of affiliates is also simplified. Users are provided with the option to ascertain which affiliate programs, affiliate programs, or digital ad campaigns they are paying the most money on as well as the total amount of money spent on these activities.

Forecasting of Revenue from Affiliates

Nifty Stats provides real-time affiliate statistics, which helps clients understand their connections and standings across affiliate programs, affiliate marketers, and online advertising campaigns.

In point of fact, the program analyses all of that information in real-time and provides them with projections of the potential money they will generate in the years to come.

This makes it easier for them to give priority to those affiliate programs and advertising companies that seem to provide a higher return on investment than others.


Please visit this link for price information:


Pc software called Nifty Stats can be used to regularly obtain statistics from your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisements and partner programs.

This software is accessible as a computer tool. Nifty Stats is software that delivers automatic partner data right to your computer. In addition to that, it displays these statistics in a consistent manner and in live time.

FAQs for Nifty Stats

Can you tell me how much of a discount I'll receive on Nifty Stats items?

Monthly and annual subscriptions might save you up to 30%.

Nifty Stats discount code: How can I use it?

Enter your coupon code when purchasing a plan. You will be sent to the company's official website instantly.

What is Nifty Stats' current Price?

If you utilize our promotional links, Nifty Stats costs $24.95 for the first month.

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