Lizard Labs LiveAgent Coupon Code & Discount (Sep 2023)

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About Lizard Labs

Lizard Labs Software has had the good fortune to deal with a wide variety of notable businesses, providing them with customized solutions for their expert system utility requirements.

The products created and distributed by Lizard Labs Software are high-quality Windows system utilities and applications designed for business use.

Lizard Labs Software's solutions, including Log Parser Lizard, improve how people and companies may gather, manage, and keep confidential business data.


Log Parser Lizard GUI

Lizard, a graphical user interface (GUI) for Microsoft Log parser 2.2, a powerful file processing engine that works on all Windows operating systems.

The log parser allows you to run SQL queries on various applications and system events. The Log Parser Lizard GUI is a graphical user interface for analyzing logs and other data.

Log Parser is an extremely potent, open-source, and flexible tool that grants users unified direct query exposure to text-based data in a broad range of document types, including log files, File types, and Spreadsheets, as well as critical data source materials on the Windows Pc, including the system log, IIS log, registry, shared folder, and Active Directory assistance.

Event Log Observer

Log Parser is a robust, open-source, and flexible tool that enables widespread request direct exposure to text-based data from a wide variety of sources, including log files, File types, CSV files, and essential data publications on the Windows Platform, including the log file, IIS log, the registration, the system files, and indeed the Active Directory assistance.

Since the interface for the command line is so difficult to use, we developed Log Parser Gecko, a policy stating utility. To manage searches and export data to Excel and charts, you may use Log Parser Lizard, an accessible graphical user interface (GUI) application.

Further, we have included filters for regular expressions and log4net (log) input log formats, and T-SQL queries in SQL servers. You may use Log Parser Lizard to analyze web and system logs, and there are several instances in the installer.


The SSMS Lizard add-on improves the efficiency of working with Microsoft's SQL Server Management Studio. It brings SSMS up to date in terms of user experience.

SSMS Lizard adds many new capabilities, including the ability to see query results in an enhanced data grid and the power to add in-line Visual Basic to your SQL queries.

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